Championat du Luxembourg 2014

copyright Blue Spring´s Whippets
Judge pour les Whippets : Mme Iris Urschitz/ A

CACIB - Luxembourg Championesse
MBiS-MCh Blue Spring´s Elektra

Best Junior  –   Luxembourg Junior- Champion

copyright for Blue Spring´s Whippets
Another Luxembourg Junior-Champion and granddaughter to MCh Blue Spring´s Coffee and Cream
Ainhugals Enola Gay


Levi´s Birthday Wishes

copyright  Natascha Schwitalla

Levi & Friend

copyright Natascha Schwitalla
Levi and his friend (big) Ben.


Happy Birthday!

copyright for Blue Spring´s
Coppelia´s litter is celebrating it´s first birthday.

Happy Birthday from sweet littl´ Flynn
to all of his Blue Spring´s brothers
and to his sister Athena.


CRUFTS 2014 - NEC Birmingham/UK

Total of entries: 416 Whippets

Whippet-bitches classes under breed specialist 
Mrs Angela Randall - Hammonds Kennels/UK
Open Class placed 2nd best Championesse

MBIS-MCH Blue Spring´s Elektra

with kindest permission copyright P Oliver

 with kindest permission copyright Dewerstone



copyright for Blue Spring`s
Indigo with his friends, having a very good time.
Like Whippets do!



copyright for Blue Spring´s
- Blue Spring´s Irish Mist -


Exposition de Douai/F - 1er mars 2014

copyright for Blue Spring´s

Whippet judge:  Mme Sylvie Desserne (F)

Best Championesse - BoB - BiG 3