Indigo and friends

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A little happy Whippet, beside all the success in the rings.
Indigo playing with his friends.
Whippets at their best!


International Dogshow Dortmund - 19.10.2014

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Juge pour les WHIPPETS : Mr C. COPPEL

1er Intermediate Class   VDH-A

 A nice critic on Face Book  - commentaire sur Face Book :
He's so nice! 
Balance, moderation and lines to die for... 
Blue Spring's "Classic" stamp 

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1er Open Class  VDH-CAC-CACIB

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1ère Intermediate Class VDH-CAC-CACIB- 

copyright Natascha Schwitalla
Athena pictured with her Brothers


Visiting Home

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On a holiday-trip to Normandy,
Levi took the opportunity to visit his mom Coppelia and his litter-sisters .
Beautiful moments full of fun and joy.